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    Hi everyone just thought I would introduce my self. My name is John im 27, I live in worcestershire.Im interested in deer stalking although I have not done any yet, I have a fire arms and shot gun certificate, I also plan on doing my dsc1 sometime in the near future. I would also like to say that this site seems excellent with a welth of knowledge and some very helpfull people on here.
    All the best

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    Hello John

    Welcome to the forum. Its good to see that you are going to do your Level 1. Any questions just fire away, there are lots of very experienced stalkers on here all willing to help.

    All the best


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    Hi John,welcome to the site you'll find it very usefull and there are loads of helpful people on here where in worcestershire are you

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    Hi im from kidderminster, I also forgot to mention what caliber rifles I shoot which are a .22lr and a .222 for pest control e.g rabbits foxes etc, I plan on applying for a .243 in the near future for deer/fox

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