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Thread: Laserware lamp

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    Laserware lamp

    just had one of these on test the nd-100 laser designator.
    its a green laser torch.
    scope mounted.
    tried it on friday night lamping foxes and shot 2 with it never seemed to bother them .
    used the lightforce to spot them first then switched over to the laser once located them.
    shot them out to 200 yards and could see them no problem then went on to spot rabbits at 300 and could see them as good as with a white light.
    has anybody else used a similar kit and how did they get on with it?
    for me i am sold on it and it is now another bit of kit to use on a nights lamping.

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    Same as the ND3x50. Started using one last season, very pleased with results, again spot with Tracer then shoot with lazerlight, the only problem I find is that they don't seem to take as much notice of the light and its easy to lose sight of them as they don't seem to look at you as much, once you're on them they're buggered!!

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    A mate of mine uses one and he does as you do. spots them with lamp and then switches over. he also says they don't seem to bother with the green light.


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