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Thread: An All SD Trip On The Fallow

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    An All SD Trip On The Fallow

    So our weekend on the fallow.
    This is the second year I've put a weekend on down in Plymouth with Woodfordfallow (Brian). It was a non profit venture for me just a couple of days away shooting, with like minded guys.
    Last year Brian and myself made some mistakes, miss communication, and f*** ups. So this year we did a lot more emails and phone calls to iron all lumps and bumps out. What a difference it makes when all know where they stand. After a price was agreed for the land and animals for a weekend, I then had to find four shooting companions.
    First port of call was friends in the stalking world. Out of 6 emails 3 came back with a yes. Good start, but five guns made it an affordable weekend. Thus an advert on the SD looking for a one more. The response was excellent and the second pm took the place.
    After many email and phone calls between all hunters dates were set and money past through my fingers. Last minute SD member and friend wished to join us for a day, so Saturday was a 6 gun day, Sunday 5 gun day.
    All in all it was nearly the perfect weekend I knew all hunters except for one. Plus 4 of us were fairly local we traveled together, reducing the fuel cost. The trip down on Friday was fairly standard apart from Neil, Neil and Darren getting acquainted with each other on the drive. On arrival a beer was on the menu along with meeting Fraser and Ben. (One Neil is 6"4 and the other 5"11 so big Neil and Neil ).

    The day started well no rain or snow but lack of deer, only two shot by Neil with the help of Brian. So we all met back at the barn for brunch and BBQ, plus a good chin wag. Neil got some stick for shooting two fallow. Neil is not very experienced in deer hunting so being under Brian's wing was a good call. While telling us about his hunt Neil came out with the quote of the W/end. When I asked if he had gutted his first deer, his answer was "yes with the first shot" having seen Neil on deer and often getting the shakes this was entirely possible.
    We all went out early afternoon for high seats and hides, for the exception of Ben. Brian's college Bill took him to look for some bucks. Fraser, Darren, Neil and I headed to our high seat big Neil went for the comfort of a hide. Darren was very unlucky to approach his seat only to see 8 fallow around it, he was 500 yards away with everything against him. Wind, open field and lack of a backstop. Myself was luck to bag a roe doe and stalk into two more but due to poor light I declined to shoot either of them.
    Back at our hotel Fraser had seen nothing nor had big Neil. Ben on the other hand had seen a pile of big bucks with Bill. But again luck was not on our side. The only animal available was the biggest buck on his own, in range, side on, perfect for heart and lung shot, safe so why did you not shoot it we all asked. Answer " it was in someone's front garden" Bummer! After dinner we said good bye to Fraser who left for home and big Neil who went off to bed. Leaving the rest to have a beer and bull s*** for a while.
    5.30 rain and lots of it, there had been some in the night. We made our way to you hunting ground. Neil in his hide, Ben in a high seat on the golf course. Daren, Neil and myself were not so brave. We sat in the barn till 7 no point being wet. Neil and Darren headed to high seats I walked the wood but no deer. Neil called saying he could see deer. Brian has a pile of farm land and golf course with an old clay works in the middle that he has no permission on. Guess where the deer were. Yes where we could not shoot. Walk to Neil and we headed over to Darren on the way we saw over 30 fallow in the clay works, again Bummer!
    Back to the barn for a fine pasty and brunch. This time it was big Neil all out of luck. While in the hide a young fallow walk into his patch along the sky line, then down into a full car park, again Bummer! Ben had to leave by lunch so we were down to 4. While at the barn 3 fallow appeared across from the paddock, but again unable to shoot them, Bummer! Then the rain came again. By eleven clouds broke and we left for the high seats. Big Neil and Darren went there way, Neil and I went another. Neil and I took a double seat, what a giggle we must have laughed for two hours. While in the seat we could see big Neil in the distance. A dog plus walker was heading his way, so a quick phone call just to let him know.
    The conversation went like this,
    Neil there is a walker and dog coming towards you
    No there's not
    Yes there is
    You must mean Darren
    No it's you we can see
    No you can't
    Neil you have just took you glove off
    How do you know
    We can see you
    Are you sure
    The walkers on your left
    No there not
    No! Your other left!
    Neil the dogs below the high seat
    O f*** your right.........
    Neil and I were in stitches. Big Neil was having a conversation with a walker, she asked him if he was doing one of those deer counts again!
    Rain moved in and no let up, so we brought the weekend to a close.

    There were deer there, success was limited. Up side had a great time with the lads. Brian looked after us a treat. Thank you to Woodfordfallow for letting me use the land. Thank you to Ben for joining our circle and fitting in. To the rest of the lads hope to see you all soon.
    Everyone who came to Plymouth with me, I have met through this site an excellent result all round.


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    Hi Andrew,

    Great write up.
    Had a great weekend witha real nice bunch of like minded guys.
    Look forward to meeting you all again soon.



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    Nice report Andrew.

    Come on Brian where are the photos? I've heard you're like a Japanese tourist with that camera!

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    Sounds like you all had fun even thou not many deer. The phone call tickled me pink.

    “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
    ― Criss Jami

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty_Hunter View Post
    Nice report Andrew.

    Come on Brian where are the photos? I've heard you're like a Japanese tourist with that camera!
    Neil was happy with the video of him shooting this Doe. He also had the shakes like somthing from ann summers.Great bunch of guys.

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    Great write up Andrew, I have to admit being cold and wet clouded my judgment so left and right were just a blur. The lady in question looked up at me, sitting in a high seat with a large Sauer 202 in .308 with a T8 on the end and said. Are you doing a deer count" my diplomatic reply was, Not quite, but it is something similar"

    I saw a lot of this from my hide.

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    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Great write-up Andrew and thanks for posting


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