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Thread: Have you ever seen a deer shot?

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    Have you ever seen a deer shot?

    I should clarify the question. With larger calibres the muzzle flip is such that I am invariably looking through the scope above the deer's back as the bullet impacts.
    In my early days of stalking it was a revelation to me to see on a Hunting DVD of the bullet impact. On odd occassions eg shooting downhill, or with a heavy barreled rifle and moderator I have seen the strike.

    What are the experiences of the members? (and any solutions?)

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    Dr Spin

    Yes I see it pretty much most of the time, as no some of my ground we are shooting at ranges between 100-225m from a suitable rest & I always shoot with a heavy barrel & modorated rifle.

    I shoot 243Al, 270WSM & 30/06, as I also guide quite a few people & see the target animal & reaction from their shots on a regular basis also.

    With modorated rifles & the type of bullets I use you also hear the bullet impact as a loud "Wack" also.

    Regs Lee

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    hi spin,
    you know my tackle and as i,ve told you i,ve only not seen 2 strikes in probably 80 odd deer those were both free hand.
    a sako finnlite unmoderated 6.5*55 sweet.
    since muzzle braking my 7mm i see the strike as recoil is virtually nil now.
    knowing your liking for moderators try one on a 6.5

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    With my 223 moderated it's no problem even if zoomed in but it's the steam puff I see. My .308 gives a bit much flip to keep your mark at close range but over 130 you can.

    Practicing on the varmints helps following through and watching for impacts.

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    thanks John,
    I have a muzzle break for my .308 and this reduces recoil a lot more than a moderator but I still experience muzzle flip.
    If the shooter has a low power scope or a variable turned down then I think he'll have a better chance to see the strike.
    Also some shooters train themselves to reaquire the target very quickly after the shot with a proper follow through which gives the impression they have seen the strike.
    Whilst at the range I watch other shooters fire and I can see the muzzle flip of the bigger calibres even with moderators.

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    some very good points spin my scope is usually set on 6-7 power you could be on to something.
    promise me this if i call you a big buck up next week you wont "follow through"

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    Quote Originally Posted by john robbo [url
    promise me this if i call you a big buck up next week you wont "follow through"
    A Roe Buck I should be Ok but a big keiler is another matter!

    Talking to a lot of shooters they are not bothered about seeing the impact. They are solely concentrating on the time up to the trigger pull and are used to the scope jumping up.

    Because of the sound moderator I can usually hear the impact. A sound like a double drum roll (Du-dum) tells me its a good chest shot. The entry and exit of the bullet on the chest cavity which is air filled and leather skinned behaves similarly to a drum.
    A soft "wumf" which I do not hear very often (I hope) is a gut shot and a sharp crack means a shoulder or spine shot.
    When listening to other shooters far away if I hear the shot quickly terminating ( often in a "shlop" sound) usually means a good shot but were the echoes carry on across the land means a miss.

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    dr spin

    one of the last deer i saw shot was a scrawny little roe buck that had been looking at me for a full half hour in field of wheat , he was standing in a tram line and then for no reason he turned him self around and started to bimble off up the field . i was up on sticks and placed a 140gr 6.5 in the back of the neck i even remember seeing reaction of his neck when the bullet struck him.
    i hasten to add i do use a sound mod and suffer little or no muzzle flip !



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    I mostly hold my 308 rifle very lightly, and loose sight for a moment. It is not so bad when I have my small 3 baffle mod on. Remember seeing one hit last season, was a long shot.

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    when in among a few hinds its so important to see the strike ,miss one and you looking out of the corner of your eye ,opportunities are lost .

    i love my 243 with 70 or 80 grs BTs for culling .

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