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Thread: Load for 129gn, 6.5x55.

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    Load for 129gn, 6.5x55.

    Has anyone any favorite recipes for this combination?

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    Well, my T3 was spot on with 48.0g of reloader 19(max load) with an overall length of 3.1 inch.My new Sako prefers same load of powder,but likes the bullets seated much deeper;almost to the crimp. 2675fps from 20inch barrels.Choice of primer and case doesn't make much difference in my guns

    H4350 gives slightly better velocity at 45.0g

    N160 was a real shocker...the T3 was giving 2800fps with just 42.0g but showing serious signs of high pressure.I backed off to 39.0g for more sensible results. It was also pushing 140g bullets at 2750+fps with just 42.0g; accuracy was exceptional at under 40mm @350yards but I was in danger of blowing the gun up! Still managed 2500fps using 38.5g. Needless to say the lower weights are now used for each bullet

    I prefer the 129sst over the 129sp but both excellent on Red/Sika/roe

    Bottom line is that you should start at the minimum reccommended load and work up untill you find a weight of powder that suits your gun.


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    The load i run in the 6.5.55 is the 123gr scener, 44.8grains of N160 and 0.050" off the lands. Shoots 1/4" and no signs of pressure. Like what has been said above though. Start low and work up.


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    129 Hornady Interlock 45 grains of H4350 is the magic mix for my CZ 6.5X55, but always work up to a load in any rifle, what suits one will not necessarily suit another.


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    Thanks Gents. By the sound of it i'm heading in the right direction with H4350. So far i'm at 44gn, jumping 20 thou and grouping just less than an inch at 100yds. Has anyone experimented a lot with different seating depths

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