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Thread: Genesys digital night vision

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    Genesys digital night vision

    Hi, had a look through one of these at the show, but never got a price, does anybody have any details as its not on the website of the sellers (
    i think they do a 6x sight, 10x sight and a 1x add on.
    It had a great screen, and is half the size of the n500/750 pulsars
    id love to try one on my dayscope before I commit to buy though as I think I might have the same issue as I do under a lamp, the reticule being too fine to see, if it works, then add on would be my preferred way to go, but if needs must, I could spare the 243 to be dedicated to nv.

    Anybody got any experience with one of these ?


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    The unit is not due to be released for sale until later this year so I would doubt that much is as yet known about them, but I have to agree it does look nice and I look forward to seeing one in action.

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    They're gonna be £1300.00 - same price as the N750 & the DFA 75

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    Quote Originally Posted by V8 90 View Post
    They're gonna be £1300.00 - same price as the N750 & the DFA 75
    Ahh righty, with that in mind, I think I'd go for a genesys over the pulsar. Cheers buddy


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    Quote Originally Posted by camo304 View Post

    Is that the one??
    That's the one

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