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Thread: Deer leg preservation??

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    Deer leg preservation??

    I've been asked to provide some deer legs for a local wildlife group so that they can go and lay some 'fake' deer trails to help educate the visiting school kids. (I've also given them Red, Muntjac and Roe skulls previously).
    I've got some Fallow, Roe and Muntjac legs ready in the freezer, but I'm wondering how i can best preserve them for use?
    I'm thinking that I could maybe inject with Formaldehyde and then dry out and mount on a stick so that they can be pressed into the mud to leave tracks? ( The deer tracking shoe would clearly not work as it leaves other visible sign ).
    I've also considered just carving some replicas out of wood, but it would be great if I could use the real legs!
    Any ideas for a solution greatfully received!

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    I'd be careful with formaldehyde even when it's dry it can cause skin irritation. Make sure anyone who handles them wears rubber gloves and washes their hands thoroughly after handling them.

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    You have a pm

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    Mick, Roe and Munty would air dri, soak the others in formaldehyde .

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    A very strong brine solution should do the trick and it's relatively harmless. Soak them for a couple of weeks then air dry them.

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    Hi MS I put my seers feet in an airtight container covering then in table salt it takes about a month and you can set them how you want bazil

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