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Thread: .270 win bullets

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    .270 win bullets

    Hi guys, I am going to start to reload for my Ruger no. 1, if anyone has got some bullets between 100gr and 150gr around, please let me know. Don't really want to go and buy 100 of each just to try 10 or so. Also, if anyone has got experience with this caliber and RL 19, 22 or varget powder, can you please let me know.

    Thank you

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    Hello I am in Leicestershire and have some SAKO 156 grain Hammerhead in 270 Winchester also some Nosler Partition 150 grain and Nosler Partition Gold in, both, 150 grain in 270 Winchester.

    Problem is that until the law changes they are the same as ammunition, in fact WORSE as classed a s5, so getting them to you would far exceed any saving that you made.

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    Hi mate, no worries, unfortunately i dont travel up that way, but fortunately there has been a member close by that got in touch. Thank you anyway

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    Hi StalkerUK
    I have some Nosler, 115gr .277 Match HP, intended for the 6.8 Rem, these are not classed as expending and can be posted, happy to send you some to try.
    I have about 200-300 I think, got them for Fox whilst out with the .270, you will appreciate these will go very fast out of a 270 Win 3000-3150fps, explosive expansion may take place at these speeds.

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    Hi Flyboy
    That sounds good thank you, just send me an PM regarding the cost for these and we will take it from there.

    Thank you

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