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Thread: .243 noise issues, change calibre or reload ??

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    .243 noise issues, change calibre or reload ??


    I have just got additional permission to use my .243 for fox control. However there may be issues with the noise on this new permission. I currently use 55g or 58g Vmax in my moderated .243 for fox. I do not reload and live in Essex so my .17hmr is not authorised for fox but have been using it for rabbit at the same location without complaint.

    Are other moderated centre fires much quieter than a moderated .243 ?? if yes, Which ones ??? or can I achieve similar results in noise reduction by reloading my own .243 bullets.

    Is a moderated .223 firing a 55g bullet noticeably quieter than moderated .243 firing a 55g bullet?

    Basically if the noise is a issue do I need to invest in a new set up or reloading equipment ???


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    They are all loud chap what mod are you using ? My unmodded 22/250 is a banger but with a t8 is a pussy cat really .cant see reloading is going to make a difference but I don't reload .

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    I'm using a T8. Personally I think it makes a lovely sound and sometimes the hit seems nearly as loud. but I just don't want to upset the occupier of the farm house as this permission is so close to my house that I can walk there.

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    My 222 is noticeably quieter than my 22/250 using the same mod on both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    My 222 is noticeably quieter than my 22/250 using the same mod on both.
    Mate, reloading doesn't need to be costly to set up, the lee hand press is fine for low volume work, load up your 58's with 23 ish grains of H4895 for a nice quiet 2200fps load, quieter than a 223, I use this load around world class dressage horses, and if that is still too loud (about the same as hmr), go for 8gr trail boss for a subsonic load


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    Maybe investigate the 22 Hornet.... worth watching the clip on the link attached.

    I have a hornet but its not as quiet as the clip with factory ammo.

    Its a seriously under estimated Cal.

    Worth atleast considering is noise is an issue.


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    when i had my rem 700 in 243 with a T8 mod shooting 95gr st every stalker/gamekeeper commented on how quiet it was compared to there 243s ???

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    Having only just started with the .243 I have only tried a couple of loads, factory 90 grain PPU.
    I also loaded a few 58 grain V-max over 35 grains of benchmark, that is just the book start load.
    They are much quieter than the factory PPU through the same very small moderator which is meant for my .22 hornet.
    As for the clip above of the hornet, they are not that quiet, I wish they were
    I use a Pess Mini-T sold as a rimfire moderator really, but it is quieter on my hornet than it was on my HMR, and acceptable on the .243, so far!


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    A typical high velocity rifle in the 223/243/308 class delivers about 160dB near the muzzle. A good sound moderator is one with a large volume and well designed baffles, the T8 being an example. If you are going to hand load for your .243 I suggest you use a fast burning powder.

    Dpending on the distances you are going to shoot at, you might consider obtaining a .22 Hornet. It's a relatively quiet round, low powder capacity and modest velocity contributing to that, and if moderated it'd be even quieter. Second hand .22 Hornets are relatively cheap to buy (and cheap to feed too).


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    You will find that to the humane ear its very hard to determine the difference in noise levels at the shooters end,

    Things you may have to take into consideration are.

    1, you will never lower a 243's/ most larger centre fire calibre rifles noise to the same point as a hornet...fact.

    2, no matter what moderator you use they all have their limitations be it noise reduction,weight, size diameter looks etc,they all perform in the same a degree

    3, the moderators in the end will drop some of the noise and as above, but in the end you may have to down size the caliber to suite the area you shoot in order to keep the shooting.

    4, surroundings, as in trees buildings bushes all help the sound move around/can channel the sound to other places. more open ground or shooting at longer ranges can help you get away from the problem area, but remember to check back stops etc etc.(can you move further away and use longer shots away from the sensitive area to limit the noise)

    5, you could look at other calibres such as the pre mentioned 22 hornet, 17 rem/17 rem fireball. they all still have a bit of a crack but all are lower in noise compared to the larger centre fires, but again you will not remove all the noise no mater if the moderator cost 100 or 2,000 no mater who makes it.

    think hard on what you need to do, weigh up all the odds , for and against, if the land owner needs the job done he has to expect you to carry it out safely humanely and if that means you have to make a tad wee bit of noise then he should be happy to let you carry on,

    lets face it, better the keep the shooting than to loose out.

    kind regards and good luck with your problem, be polite diplomatic and courteous to both the owner and you're prey.

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