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Thread: Other shooting history, I have a question.

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    Other shooting history, I have a question.

    Somewhere I can remember reading that after WW 1+11 .Shooting estates, held by the then predominantly gentry assoc/owned shoots , resisted the war efforts need to prairie-rise the land for the war effort to feed the masses. And insisted/continued to 'hold ' the woodlands and lands adjoining for the sport of shooting.
    Hence that is reason why so many of today's 'ancient woodland area's' or SSSI's are as they are so to speak. As otherwise they were in most area's for the chop........ so to speak. Can anyone help/ point me in the right direction....... ?

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    I am asking for a help here as I have a wager with a vegan to at the least support it, I have heard it on the radio at some point, I am a desperate man .

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    Well I don't suppose it's much help, but reading Pilkington's book - "To the hill with a gun" he talks about the number of deer shot on private estates during WW 11 to feed the masses, destroying along the way, years of careful culling to create a stock of good deer on the hill. He obviously found it quite distressing but a job that had to be done. This may quite well be irrelevant to the topic, but the landed gentry certainly did their bit.

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    The Red Deer on Exmoor were culled almost to extinction during the war . Could be wrong but i think there was bearly 100 left. A point lost on the anti,s is the fact that the D&S stag hounds brought the herd back to a good number.

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    Thanks for your replies. The program as I remember was more about the saving of the woodlands and hedges that would have made huge prairie areas. In was also referring more to the driven shoot as opposed to the 'stalking/deer management' side of field sports.

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    I'd disagree timber was very important to the war effort. Such that many came form the British West Indies to work in forestry during WWII. Don't forget that timber was used for not just building but furniture and packing cases for arms, ammunition, engines, etc., etc., to, even the famed de Havilland Mosquito.

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    Slightly off topic, but pre war the siting of radar/listening stations had to take into consideration shooting estates!
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    pretty sure alot of the original soft wood forestry around here that was planted by the improver lairds , campbell of breadalbane , dukes of Atholl ect from seed brought back by the plant hunters ,was felled for WW1 and WW2. Prior to these new species of tree, larch ,spruce ect the caledonian pine woods had already largely gone. The earliest photographs of the area show almost no trees in the landscape except some oaks in the valley bottom lands.
    It wouldnt surprise me if the landed gentry managed to preserve some of their coverts from the chop as they were and are still in positions of influence. But thank god they did or there would be precious little big sticks left around.

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    I have photos of army truck , tanks and piles of ammo hidden under the trees along rides , i dont think the could rezist the war office much and most of our hedgerows where lost as a result of bigger machines coming into use after ww2 . No pheasants were reared for shooting because the feed was unavailable , most keepers were at war , elderly keepers were employed as warreners or vermin killers and cartridges werent available for sporting shooting

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    Hi Trouble, My dad told me that on the run up to D day, he spent three months guarding tanks and trucks in woodland above Stroud in Cloucestershire. The most boring time of his life he said.

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