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Thread: Steyr mannlicher 243

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    Steyr mannlicher 243

    Hi looking at buying one from a freind steyr mannlicher 243 safe bolt my question is , is safe bolt the model how do I find out the model if not

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    It is probably the Steyr Pro Hunter 243 he has. The safebolt is the term dedicated to the four locking lugs on the forefront (neck) near the face of the bolt itself.

    I got my prohunter 2 weeks ago and I am not is an absolute dream. You may hear about flex in the might move a does many others, tikka included. It is a fantastic rifle with a brilliantly smooth action.

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    If you chamber it EMPTY ,apply the safty wheel,then push the bolt down another click it should apply the safe bolt, to realese the safe bolt roll the safety wheel half way (its in 3 stages), and the bolt should lift slightly , ithink that is the basics to see if its the safebolt system , atb nice rifle!

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    Pity it was'nt a 308. glogin has nice Steyr Pro Hunter for sale in the Firearms section.

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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