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Thread: Zeiss Classic 7 x 50T* illuminated

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    Zeiss Classic 7 x 50T* illuminated

    Zeiss Classic 7 x 50T* ( illuminated reticule ) scope for sale. (wording re edited to clarify mark on scope - new illumination cap now fitted )

    The scope is used and is in excellent working order, it does have a very faint mark cosmetic mark on the objective end and the illumination cap has a small dent which has been powder coated black. (update - new cap now fitted !) overall the scope looks very good. It has an illuminated (small) central cross 66 reticule which can be varied in brightness or turned off, this is shown in the photo but didn't come out too well. The scope is boxed with all instructions.

    Price is 550 which includes postage. (sent via first class fully insured special delivery )
    I have re edited this post to be clear on the marks on the scope.

    New price of this scope in Uttings is now 879 Sportsman is 882

    Please Pm Me if you are interested. Thank you.

    The scope is 5 years old and is still covered by the zeiss warranty for a further 5 years. New illumination cap now fitted
    .Attachment 24826Illumination knob
    Last edited by paultap; 21-02-2013 at 11:03. Reason: new photo and wording added.

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    What size tube please?

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    25mm tube these are cracking stalking scopes.

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    Hi, yes it has a 25mm - 1 Inch main tube.


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    i had the same scope sorry i ever sold it, good luck with the sale

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    Fantastic scope & price and IMO the 66 ret was and is the best of the bunch to have, mine is being cremated with me whenever that occurs.

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    New illumination cap now fitted and photos updated.

    Many Thanks.

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    Scope now sold - thanks

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