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Thread: New to deer stalking - Rifle too heavy?

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    New to deer stalking - Rifle too heavy?


    I'm taking delivery of a rifle off a friend once i've got my FAC sorted out soon. I'm looking at getting into deer stalking and am wondering if, in your far more experienced opinions, it's too heavy, or unsuitable for stalking.

    It's a Remington 700 PSS in .308 mounted in an AICS with a harris bipod and has just had my Bushnell 6500 4.5-30x50 fitted. It has a T8 moderator too.

    The thing is i'd like to keep the moderator (have got used to shooting it at the range with it on) but i'm not sure if you can get permission to use them for target shooting only? Obviously I would like to use the above rifle for deer, unless you believe it's unsuitable.

    I have ordered a Tikka T3 Stainless Varmint in .260 Rem too. This is due in around Feb 2010. Would this be more suitable, or could I use both?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    I had a Steyr Tactical Elite in .308 for stalking, mounted on top was a PM2 and a Wildcat Predator 8 at the pointy end with a Harris bipod, heavy yes, but not to heavy, I now have a T3 Tactical in .308, fitted with the same attachments, heavy, yes, but not to heavy, as I never take standing shots while stalking, it's not an issue. I also have a T3 lite in .243, it has the same attachments on it, I don't take standing shots with that eather, so it all depends on how you are with the basic weight of a rifle with the extras fitted.

    You should be fine, but I'm not a doctor...........Hopefully you should be of reasonable fittness to carry the rifle.


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    That's a tough question without knowing some details about the rifle - weight, length, etc and, most importantly, the type of stalking you're planning on.

    I see from your other post that you're based in Cheshire, but is that where you're stalking? The Remmy is a fine rifle and I have often hankered after the AICS, but for woodland stalking I would go for something more 'traditional' in the sense of a regular shaped stock, as if you're going to be shooting off sticks rather than prone you might find the AICS a handful. Remember that it's designed as a tactical sniper stock.

    If you're planning on hill stalking then you may be fine, dependent on the weight, if most of your shots will be prone.

    Others on the site can, I am sure, offer more informed decisions.


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    Hi Jimmy,

    You should be able to use both for deer as the minimum caliber for all deer is .240 and muntjac down to .22 centrefire.

    It might be a bit on the heavy side but if your comfortable with dragging it around with you when your out stalking then it should be fine. you could always buy another lighter stock for the 700?

    From the your post it sounds like your a target shooter? If this is the case have you asked/ had the necessary variation to purchase expanding ammuniton made to your certificate?

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    As Jason said, just get another stock for your remmy. A walnut stock can weigh about 1 kg and some composite stocks 700 to 800 grams painted and pad fitted. Add a lightish scope and you'll be ok.

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    do you mean weight ? or the caliber being to heavy? but to be honest the gun will be fine for salking but if you were to have to lump it around the highlands then maybe it is a bit on the heavy side (weight wise). i use a heavy barrelled sako 75 varmint in .308 and i get on with it fine so i wouldnt worrie to much.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I didn't know there were different types of stalking, shows how much I know so far! Think I best have a look around the forum and see what types you can do. I think I should be fine carrying the Remmy around, but as willie_gunn said, it may be a handful off sticks?

    I think i'll keep the Tikka as light as possible when I get it (won't be too light though as 24" heavy barrel) and predominantly use that for the deer.

    As for expanding ammunition, I didn't even think about that Jason, thanks for pointing it out! 8)

    Lots more to learn as you can tell, but hopefully i'll book a stalking weekend where you don't use your own rifles and try and learn more then.

    Cheers guys


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    To expand a bit on my comment "you might find the AICS a handful", and this is going to be a wild and glorious over-simplifaction but.....

    For the majority of your Southern/Woodland stalking you'll be taking shots standing, using your stalking sticks as a rest for the rifle (think of the sticks like an elongated version of the Harris bipod). There will, of course, be occasional kneeling/sitting and prone shots - not to mention all the sitting shots from a high seat. For nearly all Hill stalking you'll be taking prone shots.

    If you've handled the AICS, think about having to balance the forend on the stalking sticks (or to be precise, on your hand which is grasping the cross-section of the stalking sticks) and then think about doing the same with a 'regular' stock. That's why I think the AICS could prove a handful. When you have a deer step out of the wood in front of you the last thing you want to have to worry about is juggling your rifle

    If your stalking is mostly going to be Southern/Woodland with occasional excursions into Hll stalking, then I'd say skip the Remmy 700/AICS and wait for the T3 to turn up. Yes, you can buy a replacement stock for the Remmy, but to my mind it's like the old joke about driving directions - "if you want to get there I wouldn't start from here".

    Any good stalking guide should have an 'estate rifle' available for you to use, and I'd encourage you to do so. If you go with several guides you'll also get the chance to use different rifles.

    If you're new to stalking then from experience I'd recommend first making sure stalking is right for you, then decide what type of stalking is going to be your 'bread and butter', then research what rifle is right for your type of stalking, and only then buy the rifle.


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    Rifle weight preference can be very personal . I've seen roughshooters using a 3.5 kg sporting gun for shooting over their dogs, shooting very well with it and doing this for several days a week the whole season.
    Since I was a child I have been helping in the family "building" business . This certainly hasn't done any good to my back . When I carry a heavy 12 bore , my back hurts by the end of the day ( sometimes very bad ) .
    I like light guns and rifles . My 20 bore beretta O/U is perfect for a long day shooting . My 12 bores weigh 2.9kg and 3.05kg . This still is comfortable but I much prefer the 20 bore.
    In rifles , I like them light . A 2.8 / 2.9 kg rifle + a 0.5/0.7 kg scope + a 0.3kg bipod make a rifle from between 3.7kg and 4 kg .
    Recoil in a 270 class rifle is very reasonable with this weight . 4 kg stays a lot to carry the complete day over a scottish hill . My ideal rifle would weigh about 2.9kg + a 6x42 scope + a bipod = a total weight of about 3.6/3.7 kg . This might be to light for some , but I like it this way.
    Balance is certainly very important for a good " feeling " .
    Saying this , I have a highland stalking DVD where a man uses a rifle in an AICS , wich doesn't give the impression of being light and you would be jealous about his performance. This man carries his rifle without giving signs of fatigue . He probably is a lot stronger than me .
    So , everybody has his cup of tea.

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    rifle too heavy?

    I used to plod around all night with a heavy barrel Remmy pss in .223 for foxing, my back was totally wrecked, now using a Tikka M595, I shifted the Remmy to the missus for range work!

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