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Thread: If I cant find what I want, can I make it?

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    If I cant find what I want, can I make it?

    Hypothetically if I can find the gun I want, and I dont want to pay a company to build close to want I was looking for. What would the legal way be if I was to engineer something myself.

    This is all hypothetical as I do not want to end up in jail.

    To my knowlage the process is as follows.

    1. Letter of intention to the police licencing.
    2. Start build.
    3. At point when a breach and chamber can be attached (theoreticly fired) it would need to be on a cirt.
    4. Finish the project
    5. Send it to a proof to see if they can blow it up.
    6. Get it back and use it in the maner it was designed.

    Am I right?

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    You can own SOME of the parts required for a build without them being on FAC - such as an un-chambered barrel blank, etc.

    In the case of the blank, you can do all sorts of things to it - but as soon as it has the chamber reamed it becomes a S.1 part. This may be a way to machine this part of the build without too much worry over possible mistakes leading to a paper trail of variations, etc.

    One way to proceed would be to have all the parts added to your FAC - the S.1 parts will be the action/receiver, the bolt & the barrel (once chamber reamed)

    THEN when assembled you can inform the Police that they are now one unit...(or they may, from the start, suggest that the action/receiver/bolt/barrel are "named" or some such with a common moniker to allow their paper trail a smoother transition once all the lego bits are clicked into place)

    ONLY need to have it Proof House tested IF you plan to sell it - no legal need to have it proofed if purely for your own use!

    What is your cunning plan?? Sounds interesting....

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    Sound an interesting project - I built my 6mmbr out of "off the peg" bits and I'm very pleased with the results. Action and spare barrel were entered separately on my ticket. Used the authority to aquire a barrel as the required paperwork to personally import a barrel direct from Shilens in the US. The Savage action came from NW custom guns, the trigger from Rifle Basix and the stock from Richards both direct from the US.

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    There is nothing to stop you making your own rifle at all. In fact, legally, there is no need to submit to proof if it is for yourself. However whilst it isn't the "dark art" that some would have you believe the main issue is always the chambering and ensuring that that is done correctly.

    Plus some of the tools are a lot of outlay for a one time usage. Such as a barrel wrench and, if you don't have one, a sufficiently heavy and immbile vice.

    Simplest way is speak to your FEO explain what you want and then get your FAC sorted to acquire 1x receiver and bolt and 1x barrel. All the other items are not subject to control so require no licensing.

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    May I suggest?

    Go to the "Your Projects" category and be prepared to be amazed by some ingenuity and artistry...

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