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Thread: Monarch roe sack.

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    Monarch roe sack.

    Well after harry's last trip with me he was so impressed with my monarch roe sack he bought his own.
    And after stalking this morning he shot a large doe and a follower. It was quite wet and the truck could not be bought down for extraction.
    He's a big strong lad and i saw the moment for a photo shoot. LOL my hands were free as i had the long walk for the truck.
    Anyway nicely modelled by harry he has the x2 roe in the sack as well as all his gralloching gear and waste.

    these were the does not small ones.

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    Hell that's a fair load John! 10 out of 10 to Harry for effort!
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    Well I was looking forward to trying one - but people keep buying Stav's raffle tickets! Stop it now!
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    The moderator would probably knacker him out first anyway

    What is that thing?,, biggest mod I`ve seen yet !

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    Thing on the rifle is all part of the Ninja Turtle outfit. Not a turtle/man to mess with I'd say.

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    looks like a 40 gallon drum stuck on the end!

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    hi rae aboot ive got a big weapon hey, <dont push me>, big h??????

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    Harry, don't matter 1 jot.
    x3 shots off sticks and x3 hearts cut in half or the top cut off,(even on non broadside beasts) you'll do for me mate, even if you bring an oildrum attached next time.LOL
    Nice shooting mate not many can hit the mark especially that quick

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    i have the monarch sika sack and i,m more than impressed with it, but as moray outing says there one being raffled now for h4h until sunday 2 per ticket, plus another to come aswell!!! beside high lighting the h4h raffle these are realy well made roe sacks top knotch.
    cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    thanks for that john,if its still as cold next time iam down the oil drum will come in to set fire to to keep us warm h

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