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    fallow head


    I've got a couple of fallow heads, one is frozen and the other has been left outside to let the weather sort it out unfortunately the one left outside has been chewed by squirrels. Does anybody know if the head can be repaird? If so does anyone have a contact for them?

    Thanks in advance

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    What has been chewed, the antlers? Or the skull? Depends on what you mean by repair too!

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    The points on the antlers have been chewed. I didn't know if they could be rebuilt/filled, I know its probably a long shot but I thought its worth asking.

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    If it was mine, I would go through the grades of wet and dry sandpaper, starting off with a coarse grade to get rid of the deep marks, then work finer and finer ending in a wet paper that will polish it up. Don't think there is any magic filler and nothing you couldn't do yourself as above!

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    jimmy 84,

    Why would you want to get in contact with the squirrels ?


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    I'm pretty sure they can be built with using a form a ressin then varnished to blend in. A guy I new was going to have this done on his red stag on two points but deceided to leave as that's how it was when he culled it and he spoke to the taxidermist about this.

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