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    Hi chaps does anybody use n165 with 100 grain bullets in a 243, what sort of results are you getting ect

    Regards Robbo

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    very slow powder for those purposes I would say
    I use N160 for 100gr .243 to good effect
    but the N165 was even too slow for the .270 chucking 150grain bullets

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    No is the short answer. I did use it with success with heavier bullets and the following thread has a raft of 243 loads that folk have tried.
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads Comments
    N165 listed in the Hornady book as one of many options. My only thought is that you might end up with a compressed load as you approach the book max. A more pertinent question might be how well your 243 shoots with 100gr factory ammunition? I've certainly failed to get certain powder/bullet combinations to work in the past and generally I've put it down to me not doing something right and I have gone off and tried another powder/bullet combination and had success.
    Regards JCS

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    Cheers for the replys chaps, i have a tub of n165 unused and thought i ask the question, i've just had my 243 rebarreled with a 1 in 8 twist so she likes the heavier bullets. She shoots 100 grain normas really well

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    N165 will work with 107 grn bullets (see Viht online data) & your new barrel should certainly stabilize them so why not give them a try with the powder you have?
    For a few years I've loaded 243 up to 105 grain bullets using Reloder 22 from standard slow twist barrels in various rifles. Accuracy has always been ok out to 300 yards.
    I see from a couple of comparison charts that burn rates for Reloder 22 & N165 are in the same ball park so the odds are that it will be fine.


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    I use N165 with a 105gr Amax in my .243Ack Imp. i do use alot of powder and i get very good velocity with awesome accuracy. However for a standard .243 you might be better trying N160

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    I use 45.5grns of 165 with a 95grn sst for the simple reason a mate that got me into had some and was listed in hornady book so tried it. Does 2950fps and deadly accurate keep meaning to try n160 but if its not broke and all that. N160 is supposed to be a better powder for 243 tho.

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