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Thread: Kahles or Swarovski Bins

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    Kahles or Swarovski Bins

    Looking to buy a decent pair of 8x42 binoculars for stalking and I am looking at a either a new pair of kahles for 600ish or used swarovsk 850ish. I am not a professional stalker and wander whether I would appreciate the difference between the two that would justify the extra money.

    Any comments appreciated.

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    I went from 8x42 Kahles to 8x56 Leica, and there is a noticeable difference IMHO between the two. Try and try them first?

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    If i say in 3 years or so if you sold them on you would get less than you paid for the Kahles BUT you would get more than you paid for the Swarovski's.
    I have two mates whos Swaro's are valued at over double what they paid for them 15 years ago.

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    Take a look at the sightron binos mate fantastic value and clarity.
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    Love my Khales 8x42 I could clearly see 3 fallow in near dark conditions the other night ,I find them compact and at 500 quid some years ago a bargain mid priced bino

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    Do a search on here Ref 'Minox' binos, only good honest reports about them. Wish I'd kept mine as a second pair.

    Very good glass.

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