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Thread: pest controlers

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    pest controlers

    hi, anyone on here a pest controller for a job, as i,m thinking of maybe getting into it, i,m not daft i know it's bugs and rats and not fox and deer just about all the time. got just over a year left at my job then i,m out of the trade as the old body carnt take the much more. i,m not thinking it's money for old rope far from it, just summit i,ve thought about itr for afew years.

    any info would be good.
    cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Check out 'killgerm' for training and qualifications etc they are based between Wakefield and Dewsbury,and also have a proper chat with Arnie,he really does know his onion!
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    Check out the BPCA or NPTA websites and find a course to undertake the level 2 course as a minimum and get as much training as you can, if you have a year to go, get going now and get trained up and if you can get some hands on experience if possible get the level 2 under your own steam then find a job in pest control with a company that will get you through and used to all the paperwork and to all other training bits. It will be a good help when you start upon your own, method statements Risk assessments blah blah blah is endless when you start up on your own, get a level 2 and experience, and get as much paperwork under your belt

    Pest control throws a heavy line on paperwork and legislation, it is a minefield, and it changes every year.

    In a nutshell. Level 2 as the basic then onto experience and get a job with a big company. Earn some money while you learn the ropes. And plan setting up your own business. It's a big step. But worth it if you make sure you get it right.

    I always do a different course for something every year just to keep up to speed

    If you would like any further info or help PM me I will send you my mobile number

    Good luck


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    There are always ads for "pest force" in the shooting magazines. If I were going down that route I might give them some consideration.

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    Drop wildfowler1 a pm

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    hi guy's and cheers for advice,i do risk/method statements every day and run my own company so that side of things aint a problem, but not jumping in with both feet just testing the water. i do have other ways to make money whilst i built customers up, but thought along the lines of get in with a big firm to learn the trade 1st.

    cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    pestforce is a franchies theres one in barnsley and no doubt sheffield too expensive waste of money

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    I have a pest control business but unfortunately we aren't taking any new starters on.
    If I were trying to get into the business now I would try and get a start with Ecolab or Rentokil.
    After they have trained you up and you have enough practical knowledge under your belt leave and start your own firm.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arnieboy View Post
    pestforce is a franchies theres one in barnsley and no doubt sheffield too expensive waste of money
    This is good advice , they want about 8 grand , give you some car stickers and headed note paper , then sell you the chemicals . Pestfarce i reckon . Speak to Lisa Wales in training at killgerm , do a few courses now to get a head start on your training this year

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    thanks for the advice, i have been looking on the killgerm website and they are only 30 mins away from me i,ll give them a call.
    cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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