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    .223 load

    Tried a couple of loads for my .223 Steyr Pro Hunter Mountain using Vectan SP7 (cause I've got a lot of it). Got a 2cm 4 shot group at 100m which I was OK with. But then ended up with a 1cm group using Varget as follows:
    25.5gn Varget
    55gn Norma SP bullet
    PPU cases
    Winchester small rifle primers
    56.7mm COL Attachment 24807

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    I have not used Varget, but I have found joy with 3031, 4198, RL7 and most recently, H322: Probably the best powder I have found for .223 Remington.~Muir

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    You could be right, but I've tried the H322 in several rifles with several bullets. Varget would need to be very much better to get the edge on the accuracy I've found in the H322 loads. Worth a try at least. Varget has been gone from the shelves for a few weeks. Lots of H322 on the shelves. (read:"Good Incentive"! )~Muir

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    well thankyou very much daw,i settle on a load varget and then you post a group like i'm honest i can't shoot that well.mine are on a 5p but not one hole .are you using flat base bullets?very nice going.
    i had a group like that once with 75 amax but found the 73 bergers held better groups at 300.

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    Yes the bullets are flat based. The group is actually about the size of a 5p. I am an average shot (I would guess) so was pleased to get this grouping. Plus it is a second hand rifle which I bought off this site (same with scope) so I was very pleased (and relieved!) that it shoots as it should. With my 243 and 308 I only get 1 1/4 inch groups so I might try and improve on that but on the other hand they are good enough for hunting.

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    I use H 335 for my 223,27 GR under a 50 GR V-MAX, in a Win case,fox just do not like that load at all.I use 25 GR for 55 GR SP for muntjac.Have been given some Vit N133 that I have tried and it seems to be just as good as H 335

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    nice shooting daw.

    just started using some low cost powder call tac for my .223 on sunday.

    i managed 1 inch group, 1.5 inch groups 0.5inch group and 0.26 inch groups at 100 yards on a moor with quartering wind with some old 55g hornday sxsp.

    can only put the inconsistency down to cold weather or brass mixed (old and newer cases).

    think i'm gonna invest in flash hole tool to start with solving this dilema


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    Forgot to say about accuracy with my H335 load,I shot a rabbit,10 mins later a crow landed next to it,I shot that,about 15 mins later,a crow and a magpie landed next to the rabbit,I shot the magpie,never missed at 380 yard. That is a good load.

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