Well as if it really needs saying, but once again top service.

My 10 x 42 ELs were in my Landcruiser when it caught fire. During the ensuing activity, having survived the flames, they got a whack somehow which left a big crease on the top of the tube by the bridge. I have used them for the last two years and only in low light have they ever really been 'not quite right'
I finally got around to sending them in. Well, long story short, in three weeks, they have been down to Crawley off to Austria, been fixed, returned to Swaro-uk and back to me. Now that's pretty quick really.

OK, I knew that this wouldn't be free and when the estimate came with a parts list longer than an Airfix kit, I feared the worst. Damaged lens, focussing system, damage to the armoured case etc and clearly out of plumb. To fix and return - 163

Well call me reckless, but I don' think that is bad. I paid 950 new and to all intents they are new again. They even came shrink wrapped in plastic.

At every stage, they've let me know what was going on and even remembered me on their stand at the BSS when I dropped by. It's this service (yeah, OK I had to pay) and the quality of the product that makes them tops or me.
I bought a pair of 7 x 42 SLCs second hand some years ago and had a very slight fogging. They came back, totally rebuilt with a new lens in one side that had a small scratch and a new rubber body. Cost? Staggeringly, no charge.

Not everyone can afford these, I appreciate. And some people say that they only need something from Dixons at 69.95, well great. But if you are contemplating buying top optics these have a fantastic back up. Plus if you buy some used ones that are, well, a bit used and worse for wear, getting them back up to spec isn't as frightening as you might think.