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Thread: Electronic Powder Dispenser/Scales

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    Electronic Powder Dispenser/Scales

    I was just wanting advice and personnel experience on electronic powder dispensers/scales. I borrowed my mates Lyman DPS 1200 and was pleased with the results but just wondered if this was the best option or if the other makes on the market (ie Hornady RCBS) where better.

    Thanks in advance

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    personally I prefer the RCBS chargmaster having owned a Lyman also

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    +1 for RCBS charge master

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    dps 3 easier to clean eaiser to obtain and a hell of a lot cheaper
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penyard View Post
    +1 for RCBS charge master
    + 2 love mine regards pete

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    I have the Lyman DPS 1200 and can find no fault in it. I have not used the RCBS.



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    I like the look of the new Lyman ones I will have to see what sort of cost they are when they arrive in the UK.
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    I plan on getting a GemPro 250 and keep using my thrower...

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    It's a pity Lyman aren't putting in as much effort to make a decent beam scale.

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