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Thread: muntjac with a 308

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    muntjac with a 308

    Whats the best round to use on muntjac with a 308

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    Any .308 will knock them over.

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    I have shot a few with the 30-06 (165 grain Speer SPBT) that presented whilst I was after larger species. No runners to date. Meat damage minimal with good bullet placement. However if you pin the shoulders with any of the normal .308 bullets, there would not be much left on the front end.

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    Hornady 150gn SST use on two muntjac this week. Straight down, heart/lung shots. Big calibre and bullet but very effective, which is the most important thing.

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    Shot a lot of Muntjac with .308 using 150 grain all dropped on the spot.

    However when i was using up the last of a batch of 180 grain, I have a very memorable experience of shooting the only muntjac that ran after i had hit it with a 308.

    It was a large Buck weight was 20 lbs clean, the bullet had passed clean through, only hitting flesh and only touched a rib on the exit. it ran 20 meters from where i hit it. i found it under some brambles following the blood trail. perfect shot placement too. I think if the bullet had connect with something hard to expand it, it might have been a different story.

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    I would use 150 grain if i was to do it again.



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    I've shot a fair amount of muntjac with .243 and .308, 100gn spbt and 70gn ballistic tip in .243 and 150gn spbt 150gn round nose and 150gn ballistic tip in .308. In terms of damage the 243 100gn did the least the 243 ballistic tip is inconsistant (but never had a runner). The 308 consistently puts a pretty big hole in them.

    If Im going for muntjac I will take the 100gn 243. In 308 i havnt noticed a difference between the rounds ive used

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    Some of the worst damage I have seen has been with a .243 100 grain factory rounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Some of the worst damage I have seen has been with a .243 100 grain factory rounds.
    i hear this regularly but from what ive seen 100+ munties with 100gn spbt 243 (mine and friends) i would say generally does a pretty neat job.
    in a few days i will be shooting munties with some friends between us we will have 234 270 6.5 308 and 3006. I doubt it would be possible to match the round to the carcass but i will see if there is any pattern to the nick of the deer coming into the larder.

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    Try Sako 123gr SPs. I have been using these through my .308 on roe whilst sorting out my .243. Worth giving them a try.

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    +1 - before I started reloading I used sako 123gn on eveything up to red hinds. Very accurate and very good stopping power.

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