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Thread: .338 and firearms dept.

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    .338 and firearms dept.

    Have been stewing on the idea of a .338, to be used on deer and vermin. My gut tells me that the firearms lot (police) might be a bit funny about this - was wondering if anyone has applied for a .338 (to be used on deer and vermin) and had any problems in acquiring the variation?

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    i know someone whose having a struggle to get vermin on .243,

    might be down to the area you in tho, because you hear all different stories.

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    Don't even bother filling in the variation form. I can confirm from personal experience that the immediate answer will be a refusal. In addition to which, the military and thereafter the NRA recently passed specific rules concerning firearms to which the 338's is included that restrict their usage on ranges.

    I had so much hassle with my 338 Lapua when moving from an English constabulary to a Scottish that i ended up just selling the rifle. In the end, i'm glad i did sell it then because a few friends have been forced to sell theirs, it's now a buyers market and they've lost alot of money.

    You'll cry when you buy the ammo - even if you intend to reload for it. Over 100 for 100 good lapua cases, double the quantity of powder = 70 a bottle!

    Question - what the hell will you shoot with it? I used to use one in order to try and buck the wind at long ranges - ranges around 1000yds. For example, my most consistent load was a 225gr bullet with 91grs of vhit160 - this threw the bullet out at approx 2700fps. That's around the same speed as a .243 round with less than half the bullet weight. I'd imagine the meat damage to be excessive and any stalker/keeper would likely boot your arse!

    If it's just a 'heavy hitter' you want then why not consider the .300 Win Mag? It has similar long range capabilities, 3/4 of the bullet weight and only marginally more expensive to reload than a 308 / 30-06.

    If you're determined to get an 'open ticket' with a .338 then i suggest you tell plod that you've found a colony of Grizzly Bears on your patch

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    I have had the use of one recently and I can't imagine using on on the hill, having to carry one, with scope, bipod, ammo and then everything else you take stalking, no thanks. I would find the length a severe inconvience too, don't know what I'd leave on the hill, the carcass I'd just shot or the rifle...........


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    Wise words!

    I have just spoken to someone who's mate [supposedly] has one in Sussex for Fallow.

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    I have a .338 LM for target shooting and would not want to use it for stalking its heavy, noisy and i would imagine that there would be a lot of damage to the animal. A friend of mine did fancy a .338 federal but was told by his firearms department (derbyshire) that they only allow cals over .30 to people who go overseas.

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    Just spoken to the firearms lot (Northumbria) and they said that Home Office guidance forbids .338 for anything other than dangerous game overseas. I asked if it could be used on deer here if the former was ther case and she said that they had recently given permission to a fella who hunts the dangerous stuff o/seas to also use it on the bigger game species in the UK (i.e. reds).

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    Friend of mine had an Acuracy International 338 Lap mag for deer and boar.
    A great long range accurate rifle, but an absolute pig to carry and set up (no quick shots with one of those )
    Was brilliant rifle/ round when used for what it`s designed for, killing things at long ranges. but sod carting it around on the chance of a quick shot .

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    Similar experience as Scotsgun. Had one for targets to 1000 and it was great, though expensive to shoot (I reload)
    Wouldn't want to carry one anything further than from car to firing point.

    Not had too much experience with deer stalking but, having seen the damage my 243wsm does to Roe, I wouldn't fancy pointing a 338 at anything in the UK

    I have a 300wsm for bigger stuff and that is a heavy, hard hitting beast. So much so that it may be being swapped out for something lighter in the future

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