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Thread: Managing an Alien Species by Charles S-J

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    Managing an Alien Species by Charles S-J

    For all those interested there is a signed limited special edition (commerative copy) of the muntjac book
    ' Managing An Alien species ' by Charles Smith-Jones
    in leather clad binding signed and individual numbered
    20 copies done
    only 18 left
    available at the CLA game fair from : Coch-y-Bonddu Books
    price 150
    will post a few pics later of my copy

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    Blimy, You didn't pay 150 for your copy did you?

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    If I hadn't just bought my new scope I'd be sorely tempted.

    EMcC - hard as it might be to believe, books like this are actually a very good investment. The limited edition, leather-bound, versions of specialist books appreciate significantly in well as that this book is a very good read!


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    in a nutshell yes
    it's value to me is more than the price tag i'm afraid
    i do hav a standard copy aswell
    as Willie says it is a great investment chance but only time will tell on that
    only 20 in existence mine is no 2 i think i hav spent wisely

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    Muntjac Book

    For your info I spoke to Charles at the CLA - he has copy number 1 although he was unaware that this binding etc was going to be done. It ws presented to him as a surprise - he is very happy about it!

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    i know where you are exactly where you are coming from
    as i sat there drinking coffee with Charles
    he brought this leather clad book through
    basically said hav a look at this but don''t get your grubby mitts on it
    honest his words not mine
    from there a phone call ensued and thats copy no 2 in the bag for me before my coffee was cold
    no 3 copy also went to a guy off this site on the sunday
    Yes i agree Paul did do well
    and like you say Charles was over the moon
    pride of place next to his pipe i believe
    Fantistic book , Fantastic accolade
    nice bit of leather

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