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Thread: Further ammo testing

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    Further ammo testing

    Attachment 24818After getting good results from earlier testing with my 308 and 165gr noslers at 100yds it was time for the real test,300yds with bipod and a sandbag to prop up the butt,there was a left to right wind 10mph ish but I was down in the valley somewhat sheltered,I opted to dial in 4.5 moa going by ballistic calculator on my phone and aim strait at it,a few fow over half inch 2 shot group,just what I was looking for

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    that will do nicely

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    They are if memory serves me right 100 fow off the rifling ,no need to chase the rifling up the barrel seating them real close

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    I don't know how you can show your face on here after posting such shocking groups!
    not touching?! what's all that about? bit windy was it?

    joking obviously, very nice
    thats what my 100 groups look like normally!

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    my eyes are going, I can't see the other 8 in the group

    good shooting
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    Don't very often shoot more than two deer so no need to waste ammo,I could see the first shot in the white,did see the dirt kick up on second shot behind the target making the hole in the ground behind the target bigger ,I knew it was pretty close ,if I had launched 10 down there it wouldn't of been so pretty lol

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    That's a good bunch mate,well done.


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