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Thread: Driven Boar - tips

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    Driven Boar - tips

    Hi fellas
    I am going to Croatia for 5 days of driven boar shooting, first time going after driven big game and any tips are welcome!

    I am taking my 270 with 150 grain bullets, perhaps not the ideal boar rifle but I am most familiar with this rifle...



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    good luck
    croatia is the most friendly place I have ever visited,

    been 3 times now.

    dont forget you need an export licence for the gun.

    are you driving or flying?

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    Hi G.

    I have a red dot sight (1" tube) you may wish to consider using. For driven game it really shines (pun intended!)

    It is very fast to employ - you have an excellent sight picture - basically just a 'floating' dot, out there at the same range as the target.

    As a rifle shooter, I tend to stop the rifle when the scope is correctly aligned - not good on running game. The lack of a defined cross hair in a red dot sight tends to make me swing the rifle with the moving target.

    It works!

    Rgds Ian

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    When are you going, It isn't the 3rd Jan by any chance is it?

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    i am going to Croatia for 5 days on the 3rd Jan aswell probably will meet you guys taking my Blaser R93 in 308 with 3-12x50 illuminated swarovski and a 180 grain bullet

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    I'm taking my trusty Remmy .308 with 180grn round nose bullets, see you there.

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    I've since saved up and bought a proper sling!!

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    Good stuff, I am going with Artemis Hunting. Hope to see you guys there!

    EMcC, nice hat!

    I believe the outfitter is taking care of licences, you only need a European Firearms Pass on this end to leave Britain.

    Hope it goes well!

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    You don't even need a European pass for this country, you need your UK Firearms Certificate and they will issue you with a Hunting Licence valid for a year based on that.
    See you at HR, I'll be the one sat at one of the benches outside Terminal 2 at 8'O'Clock having my breakfast!!
    Forgot to add, and of course it's the Firearm serial No from UK FC that is recorded on the way out, again, not interested in Euro Pass.
    PS don't forget a torch, it is normally dark by the time we leave the shooting area and it always is on the way to it - early morning start!!

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    Cool, I am pumped.

    I will be the one in the camo outfit with too much ammo...

    Did you find that the police take away any extra ammunition, over the 25 round limit?

    I was told that this rule it is not always enforced.

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