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Thread: a lovely morning for a bimble !

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    a lovely morning for a bimble !

    i was out this morning with a young lad , he had asked me a while ago if i would show him the ropes . oni agreed on the understanding that he was to only spectate and watch while i stalked and he was to act like my shaddow !
    we arrived at first light and after a coffee and a smoke we made tracks , after 10 mins of stalking we were onto our first buck of the morning , the buck was moving at break neck speed accross the stubble and no chance of a shot.
    so we moved on , we crossed the ditch and nipped around the small fir wood and there right infront of us a young buck not 10 yards into the barley bugger he saw us and was off like a rocket !
    i decided to go back the way we came to get right of the wind , back accross the ditch re-loaded the rifle and out the corner of my eye a buck about 130 yards coming straight at us . the buck got to about 85 yds and i whistled he stopped swung around , and there he lay .
    shane the young lad got his first insight into stalking and i got my buck , he was very kind to take the pics for me ( hope they come out all right never used photo bucket before )

    cheers lee

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    I could not see the photo's but if this is one of them,

    Then the rest are HERE

    Nice see you are helping out the youngsters, he must have been delighted to have seen three bucks in one morning.


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    yeah he is keen , he is out again with me in the morning , just got onto a small farm local to me which is being plagued with reds so he will be a welcome hand come early august .

    cheers lee

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    spot on 8)

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    Good on you! You did better than me this morning - didn't see a thing

    Nice job taking the young lad out as well. I've promised the neighbours that I will take their youngster out stalking again over the summer break. He really enjoys it and it's a rewarding experience all round.

    All the best


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