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Thread: Thinking about selling my Once Fired .375H&H Cases.

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    Thinking about selling my Once Fired .375H&H Cases.

    Hi there,
    Been tidying my bench up and just bagged about 400 once fired .375H&H cases. They are virtually all Federal Brass and in good nick. Wondered if anyone would like to make me an offer for them? I'd sell in lots of 100 or give a bit of discount for the job lot. Make me an offer? Not sure what they're worth but i'm sure the forum will give a steer.

    (I'm also interested in getting rid of a load of .222Rem cases as well.)

    I travel a lot across the UK so could probably meet up somewhere?

    Also apologies if i've used the wrong forum, -just joined a few weeks ago and happy to be put straight!

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    Hi are they nickle plated by any chance ?

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    Hi please can you tell me what 222 rem cases you have if they are in original boxes and how many times fired they are.



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    Hi have you any idea what sort of money you want for the 375 cases

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