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Thread: Jacklore knives and other custom stuff .

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    Jacklore knives and other custom stuff .

    Hi lads , I'm interested in getting a jacklore knife , do any of you use them ? As much as I admire some of the work the guys on here do I just can't justify one ( I'd be beyond gutted if lost it ) .

    does anyone know of any other good custom makers ?

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    Go on "blade forums" lots of good makers , dp knives are good every day custom, but my favourite is drew, just feel great in the hand, but not stupid prices .

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    Check out some of these. This is an excellent well priced selection. Its a telephone order site and you don't seem to be able to click on the individual knives but get a load of the Herb Derr piece, the birds-eye pattern oosic/spalted maple number for 309.95. I want one of those and I want it immediately.

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    Hi Andy,

    I have designed a knife and someone is making it for me with material of my choice. I have attached (hopefully!) the design. The guy is not a professional, but the knifes he makes are stunning. It is costing me about 150 which is a lot less than anyone else that I have inquired with!

    The Jacklore knifes seem to be bushcraft knifes. I am not sure if that design is ideal for field dressing animals...Presuming that is what you want the knife for.

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    I have two custum made knives a Bernie Garland which is a nice knife for about 170 and an Alan Woods which cost around 230 and took 9mths to arrive, which is my favorite. I'd also look at a Puma Hunters Pal

    The Grallocher

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    Not sure about Jacklore but these two guys would be top of my list if I was going down the custom road

    (links to another forum, hope thats OK admin?)

    Stu Mitchell

    Guy Stainthorp

    The Guy Stainthorp is an absolute stunning combo

    Lots of good custom builders and believe there are a few on this forum too

    Can't beat some fantasy shopping..

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