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    Distressed Kid


    I'm on R&R at the moment and made the most of it by going out on my bit of ground this morning at 0430, while walking about, I was coming up to one of the known good bits of woodland, walking up the fire break, I heard a distressed kid calling out, was obviously not happy, this is the first time I have heard this (To be honest, I was waiting to hear a rifle/gun shot, thought I had poachers on the ground), to my surprise, 4 Does ran past me, 2 + 2, Doe and last years kid, the "Phelp" continued for about a minut then stopped, I dropped and shouldered the rifle off the bipod in the offchance a Buck was also following, there was, unfortunatley for me, when I had to reposition it saw me and fled.

    I couldn't believe the speed the Does ran past me and how quick they reacted to the call, I'll be out once more before returning to Afghanistan, I think I'll go and buy a Buttolo and immitate the call I heard.

    All in all, I saw 7 Roe, (5 Does and 2 Bucks) I also saw a single Sika Hind, looking absolutley fantastic in her chestnut coat with white spots, unfortunatley, there was not a Buck or a Stag to be had, but a lovely walk and a learning experience had.


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    well done tj some good things to take away with you hope you get one of those bucks
    good luck mate.

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    A great experience for you TJ.
    You`re lucky not to have a hoof print on your forehead.

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