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Thread: Which chainsaw

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    Which chainsaw


    Any recommendations for a replacement chainsaw. The Stihl Farm Boss, 290, has finally packed up in a cloud of smoke. Ideally I am looking for something to deal with firewood probably go through 2x lorry loads in a year, a 12" lance is adequate enough. Seem spoilt for choice what is available so looking for a recommendation or a shortlist.

    B/R Mark N.

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    I use a husky 346
    15inch bar
    copes with anything I throw at it with the power to boot
    3 years now with very little probs

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    I rate the Stihl ms 442 very highly , but it might be a bit big for your needs . Try an ms260 , they are also very good .

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    You won't go wrong with either Huski 357,346, or Stihl ms260, cheers

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    depends on how much you want to spend really, but i like stihl better myself,but wouldnt go for the ms171 its to small really and hasnt got enough guts, the ms260 are good, but they have now changed to a ms261 which arnt as good as the older model.
    may be a ms250 with a 16'' bar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bramble View Post
    You won't go wrong with either Huski 357,346, or Stihl ms260, cheers

    All pretty good choices but also look at a good used husky 266 xp or 262 xp get a good one and they rock!!

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    I'm a Husky man myself. I use a 365. Maybe a bit bigger than you want with an 18" bar, but I use it for firewood all day long without any bother and its ideal for felling and tidying up fallen and hung up stuff. Big, gutsy, simple with no gimmicks.

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    All depends on your a stihl 261 16". Seen alot of work over last 8 months and not missed a beat. The 171 hasnt gotthe power........happy shopping

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    husky 346 sthil ms 260 would do you for firewood

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