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    Help am I being daft or am I missing something
    I have been cleaning my rifle with wipeout and been doing as follows
    1-Patch with accelerator then tactical advantage
    2-leave for an hour or so then patch out
    Do that a couple of times then
    3- soak again as before and leave for about 24 hours over night before patching out dry the next day
    Then repeat steps 1/2 and 3 again
    Been doing that since Saturday and still getting some blue out it ?????
    What's going on ?

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    Depending on the Jag/Brush you are using you may be getting some copper showing from that.

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    At first I thought it was coming from the jag but eventually the patches stopped coming out blue. I use brass pro shot jags.

    first I put a couple of tight patches soaked in it through straight after each other them a loose one soaked in it then leave to work for 30 minutes, then push a couple of dry tight patches through it. I repeat this until the patches come out clear. The first time I cleaned my 25-06 with it, it took 3 days before the patches came out clean but now it cleans really quickly.


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    Yip I am using a pro shot jag and a nylon brush so not them .
    Keep at it is what your saying ?

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    Yes mate just keep going. It is a great product, I started with normal wipe out but this time bought the tactical advantage and I don't use the accelerator.

    Wash the jag under the tap between applications.

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    What does the Tactical advantage do? I use wipeout with the accelerator myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmer7 View Post
    What does the Tactical advantage do? I use wipeout with the accelerator myself.
    Make another hole in the wallet...

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    you need to do more patching! i go through anywhere upto 20 patches depending on how many rounds i hvae shot! you should patch out a good number of times allowing a few mins between for the solvent to work then patch dry or wet. I alternate them for say 3 or 4 patched then re soak barrel leave for 5mins then patch a few times takes awhile but it works

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    The whole idea of Wipeout is that it is brushless!All I have ever done is: accelerator for a few minutes and then Patchout,block up the muzzle with blue tack, leave muzzle down over night.
    Patch it out in the morning.
    The problem may arise when you have considerable carbon fouling and Moly.
    When I get considerable carbon build up on the muzzle, I just leave it overnight in an aerosol top with it immersed in either carb-out or patch out, gone in the morning.

    The secret is not to let the component dry out so plug the breach with a guide and block up the muzzle..
    Should be job sorted..

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    I use the tactical advantage and think its awesome, I brought a second hand tikka t3 and I've been cleaning it for a couple of days and just finally got clean patches it had clearly not been cleaned properly, looking down the barrel it looked really clean but when I started to clean it it was quite evident there was a lot of crap in there I've tried quite a few cleaners before and nothing comes close to wipeout products in my opinion.....

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