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Thread: Thanks to David Brown and family

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    Thanks to David Brown and family

    Hello Again,

    I posted on here a couple of months ago that I was looking for some Hind Stalking in November, I had several PM's about it with nothing confirmed. Fab2 recommended I get intouch with David Brown (From this site), about a week later, David got intouch with me via PM. He had what I was looking for and we discussed it in detail via PM's. I told him that I was coming home for my R&R so he sugested that I come up, bring the family and see what facility he has. I took him up on the offer, we stayed 2 nights in the Chalet he lets out, he took me Stalking on the first night, due to the location (Chalet situated in the Forrest), it was only a matter of minutes before we saw some Red Hinds moving off into the wood.

    We continued up the track still only 600m from the Chalet and we both saw at the same time the back of a Red feeding, so we were unsure of the Sex of the animal, as it had not scented us or heard us, we doubled back on ourselves and went into the wood and moved forward, hoping for it to be a Stag, it was, accompanied by a Hind. I got the rifle into position, shooting slightly downhill at about 110m waiting for the clear shot to be presented, after about 10 minutes, it was, off went 150gr into the boiler room, after reloading then waiting, confident he was down, we went forward. Sucess, a Spiker Stag on the floor. I gralloched and was asked various questions by David, who is extremely knowledgable and picked up a few tips and pointers.

    After he was clean, we continued on our outing, we saw a nice Roe Buck, another Red Stag, a Knobber with Hind and a Nice Sika Stag, unfortunatley, the Sika did not stay around long enough for the shot, neither did the Roe Buck. After about 3 hours, we returned to the Chalet, a happy bloke I was.

    The following day, David and Family came up to the Chalet and took my children out and showed them where to find Slow Worms, toads, newts, tadpoles, my kids loved it, they also saw the Stag from the previous night.

    I was offered out stalking again, which I was tempted to accept, but I thought I should spend the time with my Wife and Girls in the chalet, we did just that, enjoying the peacefullness of it all. Once night fall was upon us (About midnight), I got my borrowed night sight out and scanned the area around the Chalet, I didn't need to look far, didn't need to leave the Chalet, there were 7 Red Stags feeding not 20m from the patio, my wife couldn't believe it, we watched them for about 30mins moving slowly from left to right, we even managed to open the patio dores and get out onto the decking to watch them, and hear them.

    All in all, we had a fantastic time, I would recommend getting in touch with him, if you want to have the outdoors, indoor, the Chalet is comfortable has all the facilities you need, and is just what's needed if you want to Hunt, Shoot, Fish, Hillwalk or just spend some time away from it all, relaxing and doing not very much indeed, if that's what you want.

    David and his family were very easy going and more than happy to help in what ever way they could. I will be going back without the family to make full use of the facility.

    Cheers Again.


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    Great post TJ and it`s good to hear from you.
    I`m so glad you enjoyed your R+R with your family, you have all deserved it.
    Well done David Brown and family.

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    HI Tartinjock, Thank you for the kind comments. I was well impressed by the patience you showed in waiting the ten minutes for the stag to get into the correct position for a shot. Even if the midges were eating my eyeballs. He is in good condition and will make good eating. I look forward to seeing you again. Maybe we can achieve that elusive triple species on one stalk next time. Best of luck. David.

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    Hi Tartinjock, I am pleased you had good time at Davids. He has a tremendous place-yes? In 14 visits I have only had one blank visit. You will now know why. I dont know why he has still lots of days left for visitors. He is the best value for money place I have ever been. Cheers for now and hpoe we might meet up in the highlands some day. Fab2

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    Hi TJ
    Glad to hear that you had such a good time on R&R (and I bet you needed it!!)
    Keep the head down and keep coming back to us in one piece.
    Maybe we'll get another run out on "granny's" sometime.

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