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Thread: Rubber track conversions for ATVs , UTVs and now Jimnys (Jimnii?)

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    Rubber track conversions for ATVs , UTVs and now Jimnys (Jimnii?)

    We are the UKs only specialist supplier for rubber track conversions for virtually all ATVs and UTVs. We recently launched conversions for the Suzuki Jimny as well as the Vitara and 410/3.

    The tracks provide incredibly low ground pressure ( 0.55 psi on an ATV instead of 2 psi on tyres) and combined with an increased ground clearance and a wider and longer stance makes for a machine which is very stable and this safer, especially on cross slopes and capable of literally going places you cannot walk!

    Installing the tracks (less than an hour) gears the machine down so that you also have an additional low ratio available allowing steeper inclines and heavier loads to be towed - ideal for that difficult extract.

    We will be at the Stalking Fair in Kelso with a special offer but if in the meantime you need to get out and get on something that will take some of the toil out of carcass recovery then give us a call., 01416115010.

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    Liking the Impreza

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    Thinking my jimny would look cool with a set of these

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    How much roughly for a set for jimny or vitara? Can't find prices on website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biffo View Post
    How much roughly for a set for jimny or vitara? Can't find prices on website.
    I think its about 3K

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    Complete kit for a Jimny including 3" lift with new springs, shocks and extended brake hoses is £5250+ VAT.

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    These things just destroy atv's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laird86 View Post
    These things just destroy atv's.
    On the contrary they allow you to go places you cant walk due to the low ground pressure (less than half that of a human foot). They increase the ground clearance but lower the C of G and with the wider, longer stance are far safer especially on side slopes. The wear and tear on the machine are also reduced since there is no need for full throttle and spinning wheels to make progress so engine and transmission are less stressed and of course with greater clearance the underside is less affected. Reliability is great and now with 2 year warranty and adopted by Yamaha and John Deere as OEM accessories they can't be all bad!! Come to our stand at the fair and perhaps we can change your view.

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