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Thread: Here we go again

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    Here we go again


    Like to know, what study showed that 1 hare, eats the same as 10 deer??????

    What species of Hare and what species of deer?

    Agreed Livestock units [Scotgov 2012]

    Class of Stock Livestock Units (per head)
    Ewes* (including suckling lambs) 0.15
    Other sheep 0.15
    Goats 0.15
    Cows (including suckling calves) 1.0
    Other cattle (6 - 24 months) 0.6
    Other cattle (24 months and over) 1.0
    Farmed Deer:
    Adult stags (27 months and over)
    Farmed Deer:
    Hinds, including suckling calves (27 months and over)
    Farmed Deer:
    Juveniles (6 to 27 months)
    Alpacas 0.3
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    Shot my first deer in an Angus Glen with FCS Ranger William Walker in 1982.

    Hope they leave some for another young greenhorn to have a go at.


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    A better question may be `what species of seedling does the hare prefer compared to those eaten by deer`.
    There was a survey done many, many moons ago which found that deer and sheep were complimentary to each other and not in competition for a specific plant.
    One preferred coarse type vegetation and the other more delicate plant species.


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    think maybe meant 'damage' not eat, still talking about a lot of deer

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    Yes here we go again.If there are any concerns over animal welfare then why isn't the BDS coming off the fence and expressing a comment............. Silent as ever no doubt.

    I gave up my membership of the BDS as it always seems to hide behind its charitable status yet the RSPCA and the RSPB tend to be more active.

    It is always the deer that gets the blame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    think maybe meant 'damage' not eat, still talking about a lot of deer
    Post No.1 refers to eating, damage covers browsing, fraying and eating.
    Hares and Voles can decimate seedlings not touched by Deer.


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    Is the welfare issue that yet are effectively extending the Scottish hind season until the end of Feb? I can't see an issue there probably as the season in England goes until the end of March.

    Or is it that the weather has been harsh/ is harsh at present, surely we are coming out of the harsh weather now and if the deer are down off the tops then surely now Is the time to get them?

    Also 690 deer in a fortnight sounds like a lot but out of a population o how many and how big an area?

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    My understanding is that by far the largest number of new trees seedlings are actually killed by slugs before they grow clear of surrounding leaf litter/vegetation so the deer cull needs to be done in conjunction with delivering suitably trained marksmen to hill tops by helicopter for frantic slug stomping!

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    Lets face it its been done before in the Angus Glens and no one made a fuss then, wonder why now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salmo Salar View Post
    Lets face it its been done before in the Angus Glens and no one made a fuss then, wonder why now...
    Being a bit cynical but maybe it's because Peter has now retired!

    tree are not the issue at Caenlochan, it,s a Montaine designation and trampling is just a bad a grazing on the site. It has been done before and it wouldn't need to be done again if numbers were kept in check. It sounds a lot of deer . It,s roughly 4 estates killing 9 deer a day for 4 weeks ( and that's having weekends off!) those Estates can all have more than 1 party out, so hardly a blood bath.

    i tried to stay away from this , other than posting the link but how can we be taken seriously, when the likes of SGA spout such inaccuracies?

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