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Thread: Maral rifle

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    Maral rifle

    Looks interesting
    Browning Products - MARAL

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    Looks good-very similar to Blaser but seems to be a 'true' straight pull.

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    I like it , doesn't come in 270 though

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    looks a better design than a blaser,
    wonder if the barrel comes off to clean it

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    mmmmm very nice!! any idea the costs for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboab29 View Post
    mmmmm very nice!! any idea the costs for this?

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    Would be at home in the product cabinet of an Essex Salon from what I can see!

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    I wonder if they will have more success with the Maral than they did with the Acera the last centrefire straight pull that they marketed. A bit of a sore point with me as when the Acera was launched in this country about 14 years ago the first I knew of it was a press launch splashed all over the front pages of one of the glossy shooting magazines showing various invited journalists stalking on the estate where I was one of the syndicate members paying for the stalking. No one asked me if someone else could shoot my deer.

    I wonder how many Acera rifles were sold and if any of the site members have one.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I saw the adverts a week or so ago. It looks quite clever as it's basically the current BAR but instead of the gas parts they have replaced them with a return spring system, there are a few other differences (such as the safety and charging handle) but the 2 seem quite similar overall. I've used the BAR longtrac in 9.3x62 to hunt driven boar and found it very accurate and fast handling I'm sure the Maral would be equally as good.


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