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Thread: Hi all new in here

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    Hi all new in here

    HI all.

    I'm Steve, and was introduced to this Forum/site by a good shooting freind (Guesty).

    I have been shooting since a young boy of about 11, around the family farm, then following many years in H.M Forces, again following my interests in shooting outside of normal service/operational shooting. via target shooting both small/full bore and as an skill at arms/weapons intructor and RMQ.
    These days I carry on my interests with everything from airguns,shotguns and firearms,mainly in persuit of vermin/fox/deer ,and the aspect of reloading to add varation to our sport.
    I also enjoy a good sprinkling of informal target shooting mixed in via my local gun club and being a member of the NRA at Bisley.
    I reside in Oxfordshire and look forward to hearing from any local shooters and anyone else involved with this great sport interest.

    Regards Steve

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    Welcome to the SD not a million miles from you in northants hope you enjoy the site ,

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    Hi Steve
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    Welcome to the site,

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