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Thread: stags

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    I don't know whether any of you are park owners or cull in parks but I have 4 really nice stags for sale. 6,7,8 and 9 years old. Up to 30 + points and about 280- 300 kgs.
    Would be happy to pay a commission to anybody that introduces a buyer.

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    Just out of interest Cyberstag,what would it cost to shoot one of these very large beasts.................'M'

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    Cyberstag how much to borrow one just for October

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    Had not thought of that! Rent a stag. Stags r Us. Nice idea but of course once a stag has left here, having him back again is not an option on health grounds. The health checks we have to go through for export would make it an unacceptable risk.

    To be honest the trophy shooting side of things is the least savory side of the business but I look at it like this. When I have a breeding stag that I have used a lot and I have genetically better young stags coming on, the older stag has to go. The options are; carcass to the game dealer, maybe 400, mounted head 400. Total 800 and a fair bit of work. Or sell as trophy (anything from 1500- 4500 ish depending on head and availability of client) and then remaiming useable venison say 250.

    It is very hard to make any money producing venison from enclosed deer when you take into account all the costs. Any extra money I get for a stag as a trophy means I can continue to give the deer the best life possible whilst in my care (and I can stave off retirement for another year or two)

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    Many thanks for the honest reply, did not really expect one.
    Good luck with the new home for the stags.


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    Don't mean to hijack the thread but out of interest, and regarding cervushunter's question about 'renting' a stag out, is there an AI program for venison similar to that for sheep, cattle and other livestock?


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    Hi Willie,

    Yes there are people who use AI in deer although mostly in NZ.
    Those of you who have read Kenneth Whitehead's books will remember that in the heyday of British deer parks the owners shipped many live deer back and forth between the continent and here in order to gain characteristics they felt would improve their deer.

    Well nothing has changed. In the same way that you do not use a bow and arrow now because rifles are available and more efficient, it is much better to ship a flask of semen or embryos than a consignment of live deer. It also makes the genetics available to many, not just the owner of the stag.

    I know many of you may feel uneasy about the "commercial" side of deer
    but as in all other walks of life if there is a demand there will be a supplier. Just hope that both parties are treating the deer well.

    By the way, if I should not be continuing this discussion in Classifieds will someone please tell me.

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    Dont think I would fancy a job as a stag ******!!


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    Didn't Rebecca Loo's do it on that reality tv programme based on the farm? Sure it was a pig - but there are willing people out there that would do it if you had a camera and told them they would be famous!


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    Hi Cyberstag
    As Margret Thatcher said get on your bike and find work ( No mater what it is ), Now do it boys if not just for the experience , another notch on your gun! Ha Ha Ha

    Well done Boys?

    Best of Luck

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