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Thread: muntjac stalking

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    muntjac stalking

    wanted for 2 rifles on wed 20th and thursday 21st am.
    ideally a in bedfordshire or northhamptonshire or any where in midlands.
    pm with info if any one can help as we are stalking thursday friday sat and sunday in hertfordshire.
    cull or trophy. willing to swap for good roe buck in scotland or pay cash.
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    Try jim@DVGM off here . Had a good couple of outings something been shot each time
    atb Steve

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    if you dont get sorted i can sort you some muntjac peterborough or norflok cheers

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    I could help you out on one of those days south of Birmingham but probably not both days (half term !)

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    Woburn estate might be worth a try, the head deer manager Dan is a grand chap.

    Otherwise what about Jason, aka Muntjacstalker.

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    Do you have a contact for him.
    Ironic thing being the estate i am on was owned by the duke of Bedford!

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    Sent you a PM with his number.

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    Paul Childerley , would look after you mate
    i have his number if you want it
    Got a new pic to send you

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