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Thread: Impact of cleaning and zero

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    Impact of cleaning and zero

    I zeroed my 270 last week and it was spot on at 100m. I then cleaned the rifle and a week later fired a tight group at 100m but it was 4in high. Could this be down to cleaning the rifle? Residual oil in the barrel?

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    I would have cleaned any oil out prior to going to the target. I have not noticed much difference between clean or fouled barrels. My personal rifles are cleaned every time after a outing, even if only 1 shot has been fired. My work rifle is cleaned at least once a week. 4 inches is a big difference. I take it every thing was the same. ie ammo, moderator, rest etc

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    I would not think it has anything to do with oil.
    If oil in the barrel is an issue then maybe one or two shots that would be off and then it should return to the old zero.
    Some rifles shoot to the same point also with the first shot after cleaning and lightly oiled barrel.

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    In the winter I run a dry patch through to get any moisture/condensation out of the barrel when I get home, then run an oily patch through it when the rifle is up to room temperature. Prior to stalking run a meths patch through it and it is always on target. Works for me and read it on here. deerwarden

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    4" is a lot
    cant see this being cleaning and not for all the shots being in a tight group

    scope is most likely culprit IMO

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    Was the barrel warm/hot when final zero was set a week ago? I zero with a cold clean barrel & wait after two shots for the barrel to have completely cooled once again.......much quicker & better in cold weather than in the summer in my view. Some clean barrels need a fouling shot, but it will usually only print maybe an 1" high & right or left, then normal zero is resumed. ATB
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Prohunter ?

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    where did 2nd and third shot go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    Prohunter ?
    Sierra 1620 100gn Prohunter...... great bullet with my load in my rifle. Terminal performance very satisfactory with weight in bullets recovered normally above 65% & several have been 70+%
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    I meant steyr prohunter! Mine shot 1" groups anywhere in a 4" circle.

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