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Thread: Muzzel Break for .308 Winchester

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    Muzzel Break for .308 Winchester

    Can anyone recommend a muzzel break for a .308 ?

    I'm toying with the idea of buying one, but unsure of who sells them, what to pay for one, or indeed its value being used with this specific cartridge . . all information or opinions will be well received.


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    Look at Third Eye website, just collected one earlier this week, cost about 70' excellent work

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    But why would you want one of those horrible things on a 308

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    Neil Price (UKNeil) will make them to your spec for under 40. I have 2, and they're fantastic for shaking the water down from the roof of the tunnel range I shoot in

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    Obviously it's your choice sir but for a 308 I really don't see the value

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    If its a hunting rifle a moderator will do just as well, if its a target rifle with a heavy barrel of 24" or over I can't see the advantage.

    Depends on the rifle though. My old worn out 20" Parker Hale was an absolute donkey. Not a hope in hell of seeing the bullet strike. The m595 I've got now is very soft shooting even without a mod. Feels like a different calibre.

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    +1 on the moderator over mozzle brake.

    I have both on my TRG and would choose the mod everytime. There is also the problem of many ranges not allowing the brake as it upsets the gravel huggers.
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    I have VAIS muzzle brake on my 308.I really only use the rifle on the range,heavy barrel with a AIS on it so lumpy for stalking.
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    My 308 Savage Long Range Hunter came with a factory muzzle break. The first session out I fired 50 rounds of military ball ammo through it and was amazed that, first: I never lost the sight picture, second: there was pretty much zero recoil, and last: I got grass and dust tossed onto me from the exhausted gasses hitting the ground in front of me. (prone) I can live with the latter.~Muir

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    Ring armalon,Peter serony makes them,they are the dogs,would recommend them too anybody

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