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Thread: Airline costs

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    Airline costs

    has anyone here traveled to South Africa with KLM. If so did they charge to carry your firearms and if so how much.
    Many thanks, Tusker

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    Morning. I think I got charged 50.00 each way - or maybe didn't pay going out and got charged 50.00 on the way home.
    We've been flying a bit lately with our guns and it's pretty much 50.00 each time. I'm off to Africa in August and I take two rifles in the one case. I'm hoping I don't get nailed for 100.00!
    Be very careful with KLM if you go through Amsterdam. One of our guys had about two weeks to wait before they "found" his rifle! He only got succes when he reported it as stolen. Then they bothered to do something. This on a case with all the travel info taped to the case. We have been advised to ask, at final security before you get on the plane, "Is all my luggage on board?" I recommend that you travel to London and get a direct flight to wherever you are going - or at least to joburg. Have fun.

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    Off to South Africa in April, previous didnt take my own rifle, no probs going via Manc-Paris onto Joburg. However a few lads on here voiced issues they had with both Air France & KLM. This time taking Rifle and going direct from Heathrow. When you crunch the numbers, it's less time travelling, yea got the 3hr + drive to Heathrow, but not sat around for the two connections for 2/3hrs +. The big bonus is has goathunter pointed out, the Rifles on-board and then its a straight 11hrs next stop Joburg, takes one more piece out the jigsaw for me, and thats one less thing that can go wrong. Happy Hunting!!

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    Direct and non stop favourite esp if you have an internal flight after Joburg. Beware of SAA international coming home as they srutinise weight to increase their profits but domestic I have never had a problem and beware some internal airlines do not carry guns, SAA do. Virgin & SAA don't charge for guns BA does 50 each way. We fly out on the 4th April might see you there ?

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