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Thread: Does anywhere offer opportunity to test fire rifles?

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    Does anywhere offer opportunity to test fire rifles?

    I'm new to stalking so have a sprog question.

    It's typical to get the opportunity, up here at least, to put a good few carts through a shotgun before spending a substantial sum of money. Is there anywhere that offers the same opportunity with rifles or is it a case of reading through reviews and hoping to find a helpful mate with the same rifle and calibre?

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    If you post what rifle/calibre you are thinking of buying on here, Im sure there will be somebody prepared to let you try theirs, (unless you are going for a really oddball calibre).
    When I was undecided wether to get a 7mm rem mag or a 300mag and posted for advise, I had quite a few serious offers to try both before buying.
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    Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting offers a 'try before you buy' service - but he's a long way from you. The service is restricted to specific rifles you are interested in rather than a general information gathering exercise - but I don't think that's news. It would be nice to think tjhat others offer the service, but I guess it depends on rrange facilities. I know Brock and Norris used to do it too - not sure they can now Mike has moved to the new base. Have a hunt around - I'm sure an RFD locally will provide the opportunity.
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    It is logistically a lot harder with rifles - many models, many calibres. Once it has been fired it is cannot be sold as new.

    Most shotguns are from the same line and most people buy 12G! A second hand 12G Silver Pigeon is probably on almost every RFDs rack in the country. If you want a Tikka T3 in 6.5X55 there's only 3 of them second hand in the country on Gun Trader. If you also wanted to try the Sako 85 in the same calibre there is also only 3 of them 2nd hand on Gun Trader and none of them are the same RFDs that are selling the Tikkas! Hard to compare in real life.

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    I buy and sell a fair amount of guns for myself and others . And frankly speaking , if you were after a shotgun I might be inclined to let you shoot a round or two as long as you used factory ammo .

    With a rifle however I would be less inclined to do so . I mean typically I take about 100-200 shots to work up a satisfactory handload as I don't typically like shooting factory . So with that being said I'm not sure I want every Tom's Harry Dick shooting my for sale items with their handloads or factory for that matter .

    Buying a rifle is kinda like playing poker , you puts down your money FIRST and you takes you're chances like everyone else !

    And that would only be with used guns , new ones absolutely not . I mean if I let you shoot it , it's no longer new now is it !

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    Thanks for the feedback and PMs. I fire a .270 sako 85 and was looking at the laminate in .308. I bought my rifle based upon firing a mate's 243 but got the first style of the synthetic stainless delivered which, I have discovered, has a few annoying traits (nothing major but not what I expect given the cost). Before spending the cash again I'd want to see the rifle and ideally fire it but see that may not be possible.

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    We offer range sessions and include a set-up/adjust and test with any new rifle bought - but no 'test drive facility' yet!

    We do offer a try it first with secondhand rifles or with anything we happen to have personally - but only a T3 in 6.5x55 in at the moment. We've sold a few Sako 75/85's and most customers are quite obliging in helping out, but no laminates have gone through. Closest is a guy with a 308 Howa with sporter laminate stock.

    I agree first series S85 synthetic stock as a let down - Datsun ( and I mean Datsun not Nissan ) Cherry recycled dashboard came to mind!

    I'll keep an ear out.
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    You could try Buchan Guns nr Peterhead ,Grant is a very amenable bloke and has a range at his disposal.

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    So it is second-hand after proof house gets their grubby mitts on it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0e_bl0ggs View Post
    So it is second-hand after proof house gets their grubby mitts on it....
    Yep definitely I have not seen many that have been proofed properly. It seems it's all about raking the money in now and not what it was intended for.

    I remember reading an article in Guns Review about the proofing of a custom built PPC revolver and how the checked and measured it then fired Six rounds cleaned the cylinder and bore and measured again before stamping the proof marks. I have yet to see a rifle or pistol returned from proof cleaned and in fact took a Colt Police Official Police to be proved and they took it out back fired on shot and stamped it up. There was not enough time to even look down the barrel before it was back and being written into the book against the RFD's account unlike the extensive checking that article revolver received.

    My .280 AI needed cleaning before it could be blacked after proofing.

    Tis just a money making scam now sadly.

    Oh yes it used to be possible to test fire used rifles from Fultons on Bisley camp. However as I have not been to Bisley or Fultons for several years now I do not know if this is still the case,
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