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Thread: Vortex Optics in the UK

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    Vortex Optics in the UK

    Just to let everyone know that we have taken over as the distributor for Vortex scopes in the UK. Many of you will know about them already and they are an extremely well-known brand in the US. There is a ton of info about them on the web and reviews too. We have been taking care of backorders from the last supplier ( no naming and shaming) and will be keeping a large amount of stock on the shelves in the UK.
    I have tried to keep pricing as realistic as possible. This means that it should reflect US buy prices if you pay the duty and VAT (we have to!) This means no artificial price inflation for the UK shooter.
    For those of you who bring “gifts” back from abroad we will still honour the warranty.

    That is an unconditional, unlimited, lifetime warranty. Basically you don’t need a receipt, if it says Vortex on the side and it breaks then we will repair or replace it absolutely free no matter the cause. That also includes anything bought before we took over in January.
    This includes Rangefinders, Scopes, Binoculars, Red Dots, and Spotting Scopes.
    I believe this is the best warranty offered by anyone
    The only thing we don’t cover is theft or deliberate damage and all warranties will be honoured from the UK. That means no lengthy waits and freight charges.
    This is an honest attempt to give the UK shooter a better deal and better service .Vortex are 100% dedicated to the UK market .
    Pricing is available on our new website

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    Vortex pricing looks good

    Barnes bullets: not so good, decimal point in the wrong place?

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    I was impressed by all of them, especially the Razor HD, at the show last weekend. Very usable turrets with great glass and reticule combinations and a reassuring 'feel' to the build quality in general.

    However are there any plans to bring out a higher magnification scope for the target shooters?



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    I sent to the states for my Razor HD and only have good things to say about it. The guys at my club with much more experience than me are very impressed. As am I at Riflecrafts pricing, I paid less but had to wait weeks while customs held on to my scope for no apparent reason. With the warranty on offer Vortex seems hard to beat on quality and support at this price point and quite a bit above it too.

    Rifles, impressed with the new web page it was worth the wait.

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    Tried to order one on Monday, called Riflecraft 3 times and was assured of a call back which did not happen and having to wait 10 working days before it comes into the UK as its not on the shelf. The scopes are impressive however customer service could be better.

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    This seems to be your first post .Can not find your intoduction .So a first post to complain is not good enough. Even though you have been a member since last june [ not nit picking just the rules apply to us all on here ]
    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    Apologies did not know I could not complain with my first post, I was just trying to make other members aware of some poor customer service. Done with the best of intentions and I suppose trying to be helpful. Will think twice next time.
    As you can see I am new to the forum although I use the site a lot, can you perhapes point me in the right direction please.

    Thank you.

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    On main Forum page there is an intro section. Simply go there and post an intro about yourself - a quick look at previous ones will give a good guide. It doesn't need to be a full biography or personally intense etc - just enough so readers get a suitable 'flavour'.
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    I bought one last year from the US, not for price: it ended being more than RRP in the UK; availability was poor both here and in the US... Glad to know it's got warranty cover in the UK.

    I couldn't resist: order placed with Riflecraft ! I'll report back

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    A question. How do they compare in low light, against similar sized European scopes? The very first and last 10 minutes of the day. That's very important for me.

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