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Thread: BASC High Stand

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    BASC High Stand

    Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know I had a crack at building the high stand from the BASC website. We use metric measurements for our cut pine but in anycase "most" of the plan was okay, however the hole positions are wrong for the side shooting rest or rear leg depending how you look at it. I like the design and I'll had a few of my own finishing touches. I just stuck with a standard size bolt so that everything can be taken down with two 12" adjustable spanners. If you use big galvanise bolts then you don't have to waste time cutting the recesses for the ladder rungs. Also if you brace the centre of the rungs then I doubt you need the wire incase they break. This will save cost and time of construction. If you aren't worried about neatness I'd avoid all angle cuts as well.
    cheers chuck.

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    Looks good.

    Hey that look excellent.

    You should mod the plans and post em up for us noobs

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