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Thread: Has anyone ever lost anything out stalking

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    Has anyone ever lost anything out stalking

    Please tell us if you have ever lost any of your gear out shooting.My favorite is gloves i must have more odd glove than anyone .I now wear odd ones .I always loose bits and pieces or leave sticks at the base of the high seats.

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    Lost the will to live on more than piece of syndicate ground. Does that count?

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    Lens covers off my 10x42's,have lost quite a few,ring Swarovski and another pair turn up in a flash

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    Lost the lens covers off my swaros in Sutherland on the hill only for the stalker to find both within a few months and post them back, they weren't found together either.

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    I have been lucky so far... I have dropped face mask and gloves at various times but found them again.... also left sticks leaning against trees a few times.

    Assisted a very experienced stalker on here (who shall remain nameless to save his blushes) to find his rifle

    Oh and we lost a client on sikamalc's lease in Sutherland (also on here and also who shall remain nameless to save his blushes)

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    lost some 243 brass this year,

    sounds silly i know but i like to keep my brass in a cycle so i know the history of them being reloaded etc.

    went back the next day with a metal detector and found them/all 3.

    lost a Russian hat thing with the pull down ears, found it 6 weeks later some one left it hanging on a fence post not far from the seat i was on,

    lost a vitara a long time back (left the hand brake off and walked of on the stalk) but it only rolled about 30 yards if that to the bottom of the field and stopped in a large gorse bush, few scratches but nothing else, i bet my face was a picture when i walked back to where i left it and found it not there.


    lost the will to live with a tree hugger who hates shooting, hates me shooting and wants me to sell everything i have to do with shooting, sad but true.

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    Lost my Marine Corps KABAR knife off of my motorcycle last fall while crossing a river. Later I lost the .5 ltr canteen I've been hunting with for 33 years. It was a cheap thing but I valued it more than the knife.~Muir

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    Parked up at my permission once, got all the gear out. Walked away from my car not realising I had left the swaro range finder on the roof, returned 10 mins later.....gone!

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    Gloves and a lot of knives:/ I seem to have a knack for losing knives

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