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Thread: Parker Hale M81

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    Parker Hale M81

    I'm just reserved a M81 in 7x57, for use as a second rifle. I've found a few posts on here and elsewhere that are very positive about this model, but it would be good to hear from anyone who has owned one.

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    Two great things about your post and they are as follows:-
    1) Parker Hale M81 Classic, I would argue the best sporting rifle Parker Hale ever built. I had one in .308 which I purchased brand new in 1989 and it was my first stalking rifle. It shot like a dream and I should never have let it go.
    2) 7x57 Mauser has to be one of the all time great rounds, a little out of favour or should I say not so in vogue at the moment but will still deal with any Deer in the Uk, it is a mild round and capable of making a one hole group. At the end of the day Walter Bell used it to dispatch Elephant and Jim Corbett used it against man eaters in India. Though I dont use it for any such thing I own a 7x57 Varberger and a lot of people I know use the 7x57 and nothing else.
    Quality combination of rifle and caliber get it as soon as your variation permits and enjoy it.
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    I have one in .243W, my first full-bore from the early/mid 80s. Served me well and continues to do so.
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    Maybe showing my age, but fondly remember Handgunner mag and the in depth reportage there-in.

    Regardless of the direction Messrs Stevenson etc took after the Delta Ranges saga, it was a quality journal.

    Of all the great writings, the phrase concerning the M81 will stay with me forever - ' ...this rifle represents everything that a gentleman of taste could require...' Now that says it all!
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    Thank you for the replies. It's a nice looking rifle, just need to get it checked over by a riflesmith. Sako3006 - my main rifle is a Varberger, which has done me well over the past few years.

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    In my opinion the M81 is the best looking of all the PH stable.

    Hi jacking the thread slightly but ref MO's post do you know whatever happened to Peter Elliott?

    My brother and I attended a two day course at Delta in 1987 and I always wondered where PE ended up.

    Great days.

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    The M81 was not marketed as well as it could have been and let's face it the rifle had an uphill struggle against the elitists because it was:-

    1) British but not London made

    2) By Parker-Hale whom said elitists could never forget their humble beginnings as manufacturers of cleaning stuff and sights then sporterising military rifles.

    With the M81 P-H listened and finally dropped the white line spacers and kalifornia styling. Sadly it was all a bit late.

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    Parker Hales are workhorses but with most very elegant lines ,I have two ,aM82 which is stonking accurate at all ranges I can get to and a .243 which is as accurate as the day I bought it many years ago .They are both growing older more gracefully than I and still as accurate as anyone can reasonably expect .The .243 will cloverleaf at 100yds if I do my bit and the M82 shoots sub minute of angle with surplus sniper ammo.What more can a boy want ?

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    I have a 81 in .243 - a nice rifle, but very heavy. Nice for seeing the shot reaction through the scope, not so nice on the way back home.

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