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Thread: wanted howa .243 stainless

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    wanted howa .243 stainless

    hi i am looking for a .243 howa stainless preferably with a moderator. not too worried if it has a scope or not as i have one already.

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    You might want to try Reeve's mate as they are a dealer for them ~


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    Try looking in this months sporting gun classifieds, there was one in there with scope etc 500 I think.

    Have to say I recently purchased a new Howaw 1500 in stainless with Hogue stock and love it. Groups reasonably well considering my ability at the moment. Combined it with a AES UTRA Stainless Mod and a borrowed Pecar 4-12x56 scope. Quiet, hardly any recoil, lovely gun.

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    hi thanks for the info i will get one tomorrow and have a look. i shot one that a freind of mine owns and was impressed to say the least. thanks again

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    Hi there is one on guntrader ata gun shop in bango wales price i think was 385 with no trade in was after it my self but got a bargin of a tikka m55 closer to home .

    A.T.B. BEARDY.

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