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Thread: Ruger M77 Mk2 .243

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    Ruger M77 Mk2 .243

    In very good condition. Has not had much use at all (less than 100 rds) Barrel has been freefloated and fully adjustable timney trigger fitted. Complete with Kahles 6x42 scope with 4a reticle. 600. Colour is shown best on 2nd photo. Please send pm with questions.


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    ... A nice lightweight rifle. Ideal for roe or muntjac. Shoots very acceptable groups with 85 grain handloads!

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    Timney trigger and Kahles 6x42. That'll make a very nice package (and at a fair price) for someone.


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    It is! Apart from Essexsussex I have had very little interest at all. I shot it alongside a sako a while back and it shot better groups and the trigger had a much cleaner break. Made me think I ought to hold on to it for a while longer as good rifles are hard to find at this price.

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    Rifle still for sale. I turned down a few offers since I advertised the rifle as I am quite attached to it but if I get a sensible offer now I will let it go. Limited space in the cabinet and need to make room for another rifle. Shot the DMG marksmanship test with it a month or so ago (Same as DSC1 test). It grouped just under an inch on the zeroing target and a comfortable 2 inch spread on the remaining 6 rounds on the deer target.

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    ... just to add the round count is closer to 250 now. It has been meticulously looked after, as all my kit is, so the condition of the barrel and rifle overall is very good.

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    .. I know it is priced reasonably but I also know the current market isn't great as I have a friend in the trade. As said - I will consider offers.

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    This I snot e-bay, put a price on the rifle, as per the rules, or I shall remove the thread. Today!

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